2018 Committee

If you have any questions or would like to get in touch with any of the NZGDC Committee, please email events@nzgda.com

Niamh Fitzgerald portrait

Niamh Fitzgerald

NZGDC18 Chairperson

Carl de Visser portrait

Carl de Visser

Speaker Curator - Game Design, Serious & Educational Games

Jordan Carlton portrait

Jordan Carlton

Speaker Curator - Programming, Augment, Mixed & Virtual Reality

Peter Freer portrait

Peter Freer

Speaker Curator - Art, Audio

Tom Butler portrait

Tom Butler

Speaker Curator - Storytelling & Narrative, Business & Marketing

Kelsey Scheurich portrait

Kelsey Scheurich

Workshop Curator

Dylan West portrait

Dylan West

Kiwi Game Starter Coordinator

Simon Jiang portrait

Simon Jiang

Volunteer Coordinator

Amy Harman portrait

Amy Harman

Social Media Manager

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Blake Wood portrait

Blake Wood

Media Designer

Daniel Wright portrait

Daniel Wright

Website Developer & Manager