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Joshua Boggs

Director / Loveshack

Joshua Boggs is a multi award-winning designer, and co-founder / director of Loveshack (creator of FRAMED & FRAMED 2). Josh cut his teeth in the industry years ago at EA, and has also worked with Apple where he has assisted them in bringing game demos to life on stage at WWDC. Josh has returned to home waters, and is currently planning the next big thing.

Joshua Boggs portrait

Cindy Miller

Designer / Independent

Cindy Miller’s career in the video games industry began in 2009, using gaming tech in virtual market research. Her first 4 years working on video games were at Disney working on Guilty Party, Disney Infinity, and Avengers Initiative before becoming an indie and working on the social-change game, We Are Chicago. The majority of her work has been on PC / console / mobile games.

She has been involved in DIG/WIG activities such as co-founding a group called "Voxelles" in Chicago, volunteering as a mentor for GDC, and at the G3 summit. Currently she is working on another independent project.

Cindy Miller portrait

Paul Fox

Audio Director / RocketWerkz

Paul Fox has worked professionally in sound for interactive media for over 15 years. After getting his start in game audio at NovaLogic, Inc. on the Delta Force, Comanche and Joint Operations series, he has since worked with Sony PlayStation, Warner Brothers, Naughty Dog and Activision. Credits also include game franchises such as Warhawk, Twisted Metal, SOCOM, flOw, God of War, Uncharted, Batman: Arkham Knight, Destiny and Skylanders.

During childhood, he experimented with analog cassette recorders, played the piano, guitar, Telstar Pong, Mattel Electronic Football, Atari 2600, and various other instruments. As a young adult, after many years as a touring and recording bass player and electronic musician, he earned his BFA in Music Technology at California Institute of the Arts and has been working in sound ever since.

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Emma Johansson

Creative Director / Runaway

Emma Johansson is an award winning Creative Director with over 10 years experience in the games industry working in Sweden, Germany and New Zealand. In 2009 Emma moved to New Zealand to join the Dunedin based company Runaway Play in its early days as the first and therefore Lead Artist and Game Designer. When the studio doubled in size in 2016 she was appointed Art Director and the following year Emma became the Product Lead for the studios first VR title 'Flutter VR' developed for Daydream by Google. As Product Lead she was responsible for the creative vision of the project. At the end of 2017 Emma took on her current role as the Creative Director leading Runaway Plays new product development process as well as the companies entire creative vision.

Emma Johansson portrait

Jennifer Scheurle

Game Design Lead / Opaque Space

Jennifer Scheurle is the Game Design Lead at the internationally acclaimed Opaque Space, most known for the multi-award-winning Earthlight franchise, which received the Game of the Year award at the Australian Game Developer Awards in 2017. In collaboration with NASA’s Hybrid Reality Lab, parts of the Earthlight game are used to train astronauts in VR.

Jennifer’s work on the physical controller set for Flat Earth Games’ Objects in Space was nominated for the Alt.Ctrl.GDC award in 2017. In 2017 and 2018, she made MCV Pacific’s 30 under 30 list for her passion and public appearances on game design UX, diversity in games and educating audiences on game development processes. Her work on hidden game design has been published by major outlets such as Polygon and Glixel (Rolling Stone Magazine).

Jennifer Scheurle portrait

Tim Nixon

Director of Online Experience / thatgamecompany

Veteran kiwi online game designer and producer now based out of Los Angeles.

Tim Nixon portrait

James Everett

Producer / Magic Leap/Weta Gameshop

James Everett is a Producer at Weta Gameshop/Magic Leap, where he works with a team out at the edge of technology making a Mixed Reality action game in the Dr. Grordbort's universe. He started his career over 16 years ago as a game designer in Vancouver and has since worked with studios in Montreal, Toronto, and Wellington. James has contributed to titles ranging from award-winning brick breaker Shatter to AAA blockbuster Splinter Cell Blacklist and has had the privilege to speak about game development at conferences and institutions around the world.

James Everett portrait