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Kiwi Game Starter 2018 Winners and Finalists

The NZGDA is excited to announce the winners for this years's Kiwi Game Starter!

First Place: Ten Thousand Coins

Ten Thousand Coins is a narrative-driven single-player merchant trading game. Players will travel from one settlement to another, traversing through the dangerous wilderness filled with random hazards to barter and earn wealth.

To save her dying friend, a scared but determined girl becomes a merchant to earn ten thousand coins in a race against time, unbeknownst that her trades will have great consequences.

Ten Thousand Coins game art

Runner Up: Atone

The Gods have abandoned Midgard. Once a prosperous land teeming with mythical beasts and beings, it now rots from the inside, tainted by unknown forces. Odin’s chosen guardians of the realm are gone. In their absence, the sacred Elder Tree they swore to protect is exposed to abuse and manipulation. Now, the only remnants of hope reside in Estra, the daughter of mankind’s last great leader.

Twelve years after escaping the vicious ambush that claimed the life of her father, Estra is troubled by heady dreams of events both past and present; visions that settle like cold stones in her stomach. She awakes to discover that the sacred gemstone her father gave her has started to glow.

Atone game art


Before is a city builder game, descended from Settlers and Dawn of Discovery. It is set between the end of civilisation and the end of the world. Players must build their tribe up from farming potatoes and felling trees to the point where they can build makeshift spaceships to escape before the planet is eaten by a Space Whale.

Before game art


A photorealistic puzzle platformer set in the forest, where you use a seed to control different plant creatures each with unique abilities to try continue the story.

Seedlings game art