NZGDC 2012

The New Zealand Game Developers Conference is a an action-packed conference for professional and indie game developers.

Video games continue to be a fast-growing export sector for New Zealand, with several Kiwi developers gaining global recognition. Kiwi game devs are at the top of their game, so come along to hear leading developers share real experiences and knowledge that have made them global successes.

Time & Location

10AM Saturday 19th May 2012

Level 16,
Media Design School
92 Albert Street,

Conference Sessions

Conference sessions cover technology, art, business, and marketing.

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Keynote Speakers

Living The Dream and Enduring The Nightmare (It’s Tough Being Indie)

Alex Amsel is an award nominated video games developer, digital and social media consultant, and BAFTA member. An industry veteran of over a decade, he has worked across many interactive platforms, utilising both internationally renowned brands and innovative concepts.

The dream for many video game developers is to make a living producing their own games. This talk compares and contrasts the stories of indie projects Eufloria and Cletus Clay, both games having input from Alex himself and New Zealand developer Anthony Flack. Although both games were nominated for IGF Awards in 2009 while still in development, their individual tales are very different.

Alex will discuss highs and lows of both projects, both of which are still active in their own way. At the end of the talk, Alex will also reveal some Eufloria HD iPad statistics.
Key Points:

  • Developing your own game is 3.141... times as hard as you think.
  • Finishing your game is only 0.785... times the battle.
  • Stay healthy!

How to Make Your Robot Unicorn Attack

Jeff Olsen is the Vice President of Adult Swim Digital and spearheaded the creation of Adult Swim Games. The last time he checked, Adult Swim Games had published more Top 100 Paid Apps than any major media company.

Adult Swim has published a string of hit casual games by pursuing an unusual strategy — ignoring the valuable IP created by its TV network, and nurturing off-the-wall concepts from small, independent developers.

Find out how they develop innovative game concepts like Robot Unicorn Attack, Amateur Surgeon, Monsters Ate My Condo, and Five Minutes to Kill (Yourself), and build them into profitable multi-platform franchises.

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